The Chatsworth and Hardwick Collections

We offer 2 fantastic Made to order collections of furniture from a manufacturer in Wiltshire, both ranges offer large numbers of items from small bedsides to double wardrobes, hallway furniture, lamps tables to large sideboards and if required, hutches to match, not to mention a range of bookcases that must number in the hundreds!

The idea is you find the piece of furniture you require, choose from one of 20 paint colours for the base of the unit and then choose an oak finish, from a choice of 10, for the top of the item. Finally, you choose the handles from a wide selection. You then sit back and relax whilst your furniture is hand made and delivered in around 3-4 weeks time.

The Hardwick Collection

The Hardwick collection is the premium range offering soft close & double fronted drawers, 24mm solid oak tops on cabinets featuring a bullnose edge, large bead decoration on doors, a stylish cut-out in the plinth and all items are painted on the inside, where required. Any taller items, like bookcases and storage cupboards that have a cornice are painted all over.

The Chatsworth Collection

The Chatsworth Collection is the standard range offered, it has subtle style differences to the Hardwick range. Chatsworth sports a routed edge on the solid oak tops, plain/recessed doors with small bead work, a solid plinth and an oak cornice on taller items. You can specify either oak backboards with painted shelves or painted backboards and oak shelves on any item that is open fronted or has glazed doors.


Click the link here to download a brochure.

We are waiting for an electronic copy of the Hardwick brochure to arrive, however, almost everything in the Chatsworth brochure can be made in the Hardwick style, the sizes may vary by a few millimetres, so please bear this in mind when measuring up. If you require any help, please do not hesitate to ask by contacting us, we are more than happy to help.

An example of a Hardwick sideboard
An example of a Chatsworth Sideboard