Bespoke Venice Oak Dining Table

Our fabulous Venice Dining Tables delight those in search of the perfect centrepiece for their kitchen or dining space. These tables are made to order and to the exact specifications required by each client.

  • First of all, you choose the size required, up to 400cm long and 140cm wide.
  • then the required finish from a selection of different textures and colours
  •  the type of legs, from a selection of 3 styles of glass legs, 3 wooden options and 7 iron options (The iron options are available in 4 different colour finishes too, White, Black, Grey and Old Iron)

The Oak top is 6.9cm thick and has a live edge from the trunk itself, that makes each table one of a kind.

So, as you can see you really can create your dream table, please enquire in store for more information and to see samples of the colours and finishes that are available.


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