Louis De Poortere Rugs

Louis De Poortere started as a carpet manufacturer in Belguim in 1929, since then they have expanded their offering and now also manufacture rugs and stair runners.

There are 14 different patterned rugs to choose from, you select the colour from a selection and finally the size required. Your rug is then expertly woven on jacquard Wilton Looms with cotton chenille yarns, each rug has multiple layers of texture, distressed areas and intricate stitching detail, to give a true ‘vintage’ look.

Woven in a fashionable flat weave construction, all rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an anti-slip layer for a secure fit.

Below is an information leaflet detailing the 2020 collection

Louis De Poortere Rugs 2020 range
Louis De Poortere Rugs 2020 collection

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