Lockdown 2.0

It’s been a week since we have gone into our second national lockdown. While this has obviously been a massive blow for businesses who have yet again had to close their doors, we are doing everything we can to ensure our loyal customers can still shop with us.

We are offering a call and collect service throughout lockdown, with collection from our Windlesham showroom. So if you’ve seen something you like, please give us a call and we can arrange for you to collect it, keeping in line with the most recent government guidelines.

We are also continuing to deliver during this time, so please rest assured that if you had a delivery booked in, we will still arrive at your chosen destination with your items. We can also deliver anything for you that you would like to buy while our showrooms are closed.

There are ways to still have a browse despite not being open. We have our virtual tours on the website which means you can click your way through the showrooms to see what we have available. These were done a couple of years ago, so some products might be out of stock, but we should still have the majority of what you can see.

We also post regularly on social media, updating both our Facebook and Instagram pages with pictures of our beautiful furniture, accessories and homewares, and have created a pdf catalogue of our products for you to view online.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information on any of our items or if you have any questions. We hope everyone stays safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you all back soon.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Falling leaves, rust colours, and cosying up by the fire. We are now very much into Autumn; a time where we start to wrap up warm and prefer staying inside to venturing out!

It is also the time of year where we make some small alterations to our homes. Perhaps a candle or two make an appearance, blankets come out of the wardrobe, and our slippers find their way back onto our feet.

Here at Pavilion Interiors, we have everything you need to turn your home into the perfect autumnal dwelling. Choose from candles, diffusers, blankets, cushions and log holders to ensure your home is ready for the colder months.

Pop into our Windlesham or Fleet showroom today to have a browse and speak to a friendly member of our sales team.

Adding Texture Into Your Home

You’ve decided on your colour palette, your style, and your theme, but there’s still something missing. More often than not, this is texture.

It’s so important to add lots of different textures into your home. You might have a favourite (at Pavilion, we love a bit of velvet), but it’ll add so much more depth to your interior design if you opt for different textures.

This is why, in our showrooms, we offer furniture in fabrics ranging from linen to corded velvet, accessorised with faux fur, cottons, and suede.

Pop into one of our showrooms to speak to a member of our friendly sales team for some interior design advice on how to add more texture into your home.

Interior Design Trends for 2020

Eclectic, Scandi, maximalist, minimalist…there’s a huge range of words used to describe different interior styles. But what do they all mean?

We’ve rounded up all the trends that are going to be big for 2020 and shared our insider tips on how to achieve each look.

Scandi minimalist and Nordic textures

This trend ties in with our increasing awareness around sustainability. Unrefined finishes and raw materials are going to be very popular in 2020, with lots of use of wool, sheepskin, wicker and earthenware items. Neutrals for this year will be warmer than they have been previously, as we move away from our beloved grey to yellow based creams.

Home comfort

Continuing the theme of ‘hygge’, it’s still a big trend for 2020 that our homes are filled with cushions, throws and candles, for that ultimate comfort feeling. Different textures, such as faux fur, linens, tactile weaves, and thick wool are paired with calming colours such as cool blues and mossy greens, accented with warmer tones of pinks and browns.

Eclectic glamour

Eclecticism is famously British and the trend for 2020 is bigger and bolder than ever before. Occasional chairs with scalloped, shell-like backs, and sofas in fluid shapes gives a softness to the furniture, but this is paired with strong detailing, such as piping, tassels and fringing. Everything is very lavish with marble, brass, and velvet materials with plenty of rich blues and ruby hues.

Nature influence

Bringing the outdoors in seems to be a part of our nature, which is probably why it gives us such a calming environment. Play around with botanical prints in fabrics and wallpapers, with plenty of velvet, wood and buff leather. Leafy greens work beautifully well with mustards and nude pinks to add some warmth, and house plants will help to oxygenate the space.

Refined glamour

This trend is for those who don’t want to go all out with the eclectic trend. Think sophisticated, but not over the top. Luxury materials such as pewter, marble and velvets are still used, but brass is matt and silver has a less shiny look than chrome. Dusky rose hues are great to use as an accent colour, without being too bold.

Get in touch with us today to see what we can offer or browse our virtual tours on our website from the comfort of your own home.

Coming soon – Pavilion in Bloom

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we understand the need for everything to be as low maintenance as possible. We no longer have the time to leisurely water our house plants in the mornings, but this doesn’t mean we can’t still have them.

Faux flowers have become incredibly popular in recent times, and we can understand why! They’re now made in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between them and real flowers, and since they are a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative, they seem to be a much better value for money.

Introducing Pavilion in Bloom, our new range of faux flowers, due to make their debut in our Windlesham showroom this weekend!

Setting the mood – a guide to mood lighting

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday, it’s important to get everything just right. You’ve done your M&S dine in for two deal, got your steaks and bottle of red wine, now you need the right atmosphere.

Everyone knows that candles are a winner here. But there are so many more ways you can create a romantic atmosphere with your lighting, other than your flickering friends.

  1. Try not to have any main ceiling lights on. This downlight affect can be too bright to create a cosy ambience.
  2. Lamps are like candles; you can never have too many. While candles work beautifully on dining room tables, lamps are a great equivalent for bedrooms and living rooms.
  3. Make sure you use warm lightbulbs rather than cool ones. This will give a warm, yellow glow to your room rather than a white/blue cool one.
  4. Add mirrors to your room. Mirrors bounce light around the room beautifully, whether it’s natural light during the day or artificial light in the evenings.
  5. Get creative with your lighting. Anything from fairy lights to LEDs in your cabinets will add small areas of light around the room, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

Enjoy your evening on Friday whether you’ve got a big occasion booked or you’re sat at home watching Bridget Jones with a straw in a bottle of wine…we’re not judging either way.

Beat the Winter Blues with Hygge

The Danish have a wonderful word that describes a feeling, a state of mind, a positive attitude to life. It’s called hygge and it’s said to be the reason why the Danes are one of the happiest peoples in the world.

Imagine cosying up on a comfy sofa, leaning against a pile of huge cushions, surrounded with candles and warm, knitted blankets. You’ve got your nose stuck into your favourite novel, sipping hot tea and on the verge of falling asleep.

That is hygge, and its sense of caring for oneself is perfect to embrace in January, amidst all of the pressure to eat less, drink less and exercise a lot more.

Here at Pavilion Interiors, we’ve got a few tips to lift your winter evenings and give you that ultimate hygge feeling:

  • Surround yourself with candles. If you’re not keen on strong smells, unscented candles will still give a relaxing atmosphere, otherwise, opt for one of your favourite, perhaps evenHygge - the Danish way of living nostalgic, scents.
  • Add in some more soft lighting, such as a table lamp with a large shade. This will give an extra level of cosiness.
  • Choose your favourite woolly jumper, pair of slipper socks or chunky throw to snuggle up in. For dangerously high levels of cosiness, opt for all three.
  • Depending on your tastes, you could make yourself a tea or coffee. If it’s a Saturday night in, you might prefer a warming glass of red wine or a brandy.
  • Now would be a good time to go for that last loo break before you get yourself into that impossibly comfortable state of no return.

All that’s left is to grab your favourite book or put on the latest Netflix series, and pile yourself on enough cushions so that you feel like The Princess and the Pea. You can thank us later.

Inspiring Lighting Ideas

With the clocks now having gone back and the nights drawing closer the primary space for entertaining moves from the garden to inside the home. Winter is a time to feel warm and cosy, this can be reflected in the colour temperature of the lamps within your home.

Silver Pebble lamps and Tripod floor lamp on Greywell Sideboard

It’s a good idea to think about your home lighting and to ensure you have enough of the right kind of lamps and bulbs to give the cosy glow your home deserves.

By making considered lighting updates you can help to create the perfect ambience and set the mood for dinner parties, gatherings or just general everyday use.

We have put together a number of helpful tips to help you create the perfect ambience for your home.

  • Ideally an interior wants to have a range of lighting options in a room, which can be used differently depending on the time of day or year.
  • If you’re looking to create a relaxed and more intimate vibe that is perfect for dinner parties, avoid harsh overhead lighting.
  • Use reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. By placing lamps in front of mirrors or on top of a mirrored table, you can instantly double the amount of light in a room.
  • Choosing the right light bulbs can also be surprisingly transformative to the feel of a room
  • Soft white or warm white bulbs are best for bedrooms and living rooms providing a traditional warm, cozy feel to them.
  • Bright white or cool white bulbs best in kitchens, bathrooms giving rooms a whiter more energetic feel.

We have a vast range of Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Table lamps on display in our beautiful showrooms with many more designs available to order. So don’t delay come and visit us to get inspired.

Galaxy table lamp, Nickel Tube chain floor light and Modern mirror rings decoration

Decoration inspiration

Wall decoration can be a tricky decision, do I choose a mirror, a canvas, a framed print or something else?

Our showroom displays are designed to help you make a choice, it sounds obvious but darker areas always benefit from a beautiful mirror to help bring light in. Where-as, lighter spaces lend themselves to pieces of art and pictures. But remember – there are no set rules, the choice is yours!

We find when speaking to our clients that both mirrors and artwork tend to be a personal choice. We are more than happy to help you find the right piece, we have several suppliers that offer wall decoration.

We have recently added a selection of images to our Gallery to show some of the options that are available.

Looking for inspiration?

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our Gallery page. It shows our eclectic and diverse range of furniture and accessories in one place. The great thing is that we are adding to the gallery all the time, so you can see the most up to date shots around our showrooms. Another great way to stay up to date is to follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter  

Focus on our new Loire Sofa

Loire 3 seater sofa

Our newest addition to our exclusive sofa collection, The Loire is a contemporary interpretation of the timeless classic ‘Chesterfield’. 

loire 2 seater sofa in corded velvet upholstery

Incorporating sumptuous feather and foam filled cushions and upholstered in corded velvet, with a choice of 2 trending colours and also featuring polished stud detail.

This unique combination brings a sophistication to both modern and classic living. 

For more product information please click here

Have a question? Please Contact us

Buying the right dining chairs

Sprucing up your dining room can be easily done with new dining chairs. There was a time when many of us had rooms with matching chairs and matching dining table. But today’s aesthetic is less rigid and more relaxed.

So how can you create a dining room that is special, fresh and never boring? One great way is to focus on your chairs.

Manhattan chairs room shot - multicoloured

At Pavilion Interiors we believe the basic rule of thumb is that your chairs should fit in terms of style, material and colour, as well as dimensions. Beyond that, it’s down to what pleases your eye, whether that’s design classics, elegant shapes or an eclectic mix.

Pavilion Interiors Fanback dining chairs

Our spacious showrooms display our dining chair collections in beautifully dressed room settings, offering our customers a chance to see and try out a vast array of designs and colour choices. With exclusive Pavilion ranges and many more designs to order, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect chair for your dining experience.

Don’t delay and visit us and make sure your dining room chairs never take a back seat!

Buying the perfect bed

Have you ever bought a new item of clothing, thinking it looks great, only to get home and regret your decision?

Regretting a purchase doesn’t end with clothing, a new study has discovered the five most common household items we wish we hadn’t bought.  Impulse buying and listening to other people’s recommendations were cited as the top reasons for poor choice; top of the list of most regretted purchases was a mattress.  The reason? It’s too uncomfortable!

We also know that if you are uncomfortable in bed you don’t sleep well, research showed that sleeping on an old or uncomfortable bed could rob you of up to an hours sleep a night!

Bespoke headboard

It doesn’t have to be that way, at Pavilion Interiors we have some top tips and guidance from the National Bed Federation on buying a bed:

  • Decide your priorities and concerns in advance. For example: price, storage, access to bedroom, turning the mattress, getting in and out of bed, overall size or shape, a health issues?
  • If possible, try a selection of different mattresses for comparison before you buy. Make sure you try out a bed for at least 10 minutes.
  • Buy for correct support and comfort for your weight and build – not just firmness.
  • Lie down in your normal sleeping position and make some turns, too. Wear comfortable clothing and remove any outdoor gear.
  • Try it together, if the bed’s for two.
  • Don’t forget a bed is a mattress and a base working together – don’t consider them in isolation.
  • Think big – larger beds are more comfortable.
  • You get what you pay for both in product and service, spend as much as you can afford.

You should spend as much as you can afford on a new bed – it’s probably one of the most important investments you’ll make, not just for your home but also for your own wellbeing!  Remember, you’re going to spend around 20,000 hours on your bed during a typical seventy-eight year lifespan so it’s worth taking a little time to make sure you make the right choice. 

At Pavilion Interiors all of our staff are trained and experienced to ensure you choose the perfect bed to suit your needs and your home. We have a vast selection of bed designs, from traditional divan bases to ornate carved bed frames and a comprehensive selection of super comfortable, handmade, pocket sprung mattresses all at fantastic prices. 

Visit one of our showrooms and try our beds out for yourself. 

Buying the Perfect Dining Table

A dining table is one of the most integral purchases you will make for your home!

Your dining table is many things, yes, it’s a place for dinners, family lunches and lazy breakfasts, but it is also a place to do homework, jigsaw puzzles, newspaper sprawling and amongst all this, it is a vital centrepiece for your home and key anchor for your interior style.

It’s so important to have a table and chairs that are comfortable and fit the scale of the room. Your first step in the quest for the perfect dining table, is to consider the room it will go in. Make sure that whatever you decide on, you’re leaving enough room surrounding the table to comfortably walk around and get in and out of the seats.

Whether you favour timeless elegance, a distressed look, a farmhouse classic, perhaps a contemporary glass and steel design, an extending or fixed top table, a rectangular or round top we will have a solution to suit your home.

At Pavilion Interiors our Dining Furniture collections are extensive and cater for every taste, style and family size. With such a vast choice, we are very confident that the perfect Dining Table is here for you to discover.

Do you Follow us?

We have set up individual pages for each of our showrooms so you can follow the nearest one to you. This is a great way to keep up to date with news on new exciting products (and old favourites), competitions and special offers – some of which you can only access via Facebook.

Here are links to each page for your convenience.




We do also have an Instagram page if you like snapshots our our products, you can find that Here

10% off all mirrors in store now!

Now is the perfect time to bring some Springtime sun into your home, so we are currently offering 10% off on all mirrors when purchased in any of our showrooms.

The majority of our mirrors are available to take away the same day. The larger mirrors can be delivered by our own in house delivery team, at a later date, if required.

Mirror and artwork display

This offer ends soon, ask in store for more details.

Happy 2nd Birthday Fleet!

April 1st 2019 saw us celebrate 2 years of being in Fleet! We would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us over the last 2 years.

As part of our Birthday celebrations we are giving one lucky person the opportunity to win one of our exclusive Rocket Chairs. Upholstered in a luxurious Grey Chenille fabric it’s the perfect addition to any home.

For your chance to win this amazing prize, all you have to do is like one of our Facebook pages, the links for your local showroom are below. We will be announcing the lucky winner at random over the Easter Weekend.


@Pavilioninteriors for Windlesham


Please note that we are only able to offer a free delivery to the lucky winner within a 20 mile radius of our furniture showrooms.


The end of January is almost here!

With the end of January coming fast approaching, make sure you don’t miss out on discounts like:

15% off all UK made to order Beds, Headboards and Mattress’


10% off on all UK made to order furniture collections.


10% off on all Pavilion Interiors Exclusive Upholstery Collections, Plus claim a 5 Year Staingard Protection Policy absolutely FREE!

Call in to one of our stores before Friday to take advantage!

Our January Sale has started!

Come and take advantage of some fantastic offers in store, for example:

Claim 10% off and get a 5 year Staingard cover FREE of charge on all Pavilion Branded upholstery items, including our dining chair range, sofas and occasional chairs


SAVE 15% on all UK made to order bed bases, headboards and mattresses… lots more in store now!

The Winchester Sofa

The Winchester Sofa is the most recent addition to our ever expanding range. It’s sleek lines give it a modern twist but with a classic feel. Available in 2 fabric options, Pewter in our heavy velvet and Mid Grey in our soft chenille. The fabric is neatly folded at the end of the elegantly sweeping arms and the piped seat and back cushions are removable for cleaning. The deep seat, combined with the foam and feather filled seat cushions mean this is one comfortable sofa! It is on display now in both our Windlesham and Godalming showrooms.

Due to arrive very soon

We have been working very hard over the last few months designing a new sofa to add to our range, and we are delighted to announce it is due to arrive with us in the next few days! Watch this space for more information when it arrives.

We haven’t forgotten our ever popular Lambourn 5 piece modular sofa though. It’s so versatile and comfortable, especially in the new Heavy Velvet fabric, which feels so luxurious. Everyone loves the fact that you can easily change the layout of the 5 pieces as and when needed. Start off needing a left hand corner unit, then have a change around and need a right hand corner unit….no problem! Simply unclip the units and rearrange as required.

Do you fancy winning one of our Rocket chairs? If so, head over to our social media pages to enter, it’s free to enter!


What a weekend!

Our open weekend seemed to go down very well in Godalming, we even managed to attract some of our favourite customers from Fleet! I’m still not sure whether it was the special offers we were offering or the Prosecco that attracted them!

We had lots of enquiries on our Venice Dining Table, which is always a hit. The glass legs and natural edged top are always a talking point. If you don’t like those, don’t worry there are lots other options to choose from.

At this time of year with the nights drawing in, our table and floor lamp sales start to increase, we have a large selection to choose from in all of our showrooms. We were complimented several times during the open weekend, apparently our range is “stunning, very diverse and eclectic”.

Thank you to all that attended and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tall slim smoked glass table lamp

Polished base and black shade table lamp

The silver pebble lamp and Tripod floor lamp

Godalming is OPEN!

We have officially opened our new showroom in Godalming! If you fancy a visit click here to find the address details, it would be great to see you!

If you can’t make it in to see us, try this, we think it’s amazing:

We love a bit of technology at Pavilion Interiors. Click on the link below and take a wander around the Godalming Showroom using this fantastic virtual tour supplied by Vision Three Sixty.


Exciting News!  Our brand new showroom in Godalming, Surrey is nearly ready for a Grand Opening!!  This showroom creates a neat triangle of Pavilion Interiors showrooms in Hampshire, Surrey and almost Berkshire.

Godalming is a 4,400 sq ft space just off the High Street with it’s own Pavilion Interiors customer car park accessible via Moss Lane.

Shop fitting is underway and the creation of 12 stunning feature rooms displaying our individual, beautiful and inspirational furniture collections.

Click here for information on location and directions

As the opening day approaches we will make further announcements on our social media pages and here on the Blog, sign up here to be kept informed via our mailing list.

Made in the UK

At Pavilion Interiors we like to support UK manufacturing when and where we can. This is why you will find that our Wentworth Upholstered divan and ottoman storage beds, headboards and mattresses are all handmade to order in Ipswich, by a company who has a long history of manufacturing high quality products and delivering exceptional service.

To add to this we have cabinet furniture ranges like The Chatsworth and Hardwick collections, which are made to order in Wiltshire. Both of these collections are vast and can be customised to your liking, you can choose the paint colour, the Oak colour/finish (where necessary) and the handles too. Visit our download a brochure page to see the full range.

The fact that both of these manufacturers are based in the UK means we can supply any of their made to order products in approximately 4 weeks!

If you would like any further information on any of the above, please contact us.

Mirror, mirror…..

It’s amazing just how much light adding a mirror to a room can create, they can make a dramatic statement too. They help make smaller spaces feel bigger and more spacious.

At our showrooms we have an ever-changing range of mirrors on display, not only that but we can source literally hundreds more! So whether you require a modern, ornate or something a little more individual, we are sure we can help.

Visit us and get inspired, see if we can find your perfect mirror.

New upholstery update

We are very pleased to announce that both our new upholstered beds and the new Kensington sofa arrived last week and we have been very busy rearranging both of our showrooms to accommodate and show them off. Our customers are giving nothing but positive feedback on these gorgeous products.

One lady even called out to her friend while relaxing in the Kensington armchair “Wow, come and feel how soft this fabric feels, its lovely! I’m going to have to bring my husband in to see these.”

The new beds are selling fast, we only had a limited amount of stock delivered this time around and we are already looking to order the second batch.

Help Celebrate Our Fleet Showroom’s 1st Birthday!

This April we celebrate being in Fleet for a year!

It has been an exceptional year for us, it has absolutely flown by and we really feel like part of the community.

To help us celebrate please visit the Fleet furniture showroom, check in with us on Facebook with pictures of your favourite item from our fantastic displays, and you will receive a FREE* Scented Room Diffuser worth £10 to take home.


Fleet showroom Facebook page – @pavilininteriorsfleet

Windlesham showroom Facebook page – @pavilioninteriors

*Available while stocks last, terms and conditions apply, please ask in store for details

New & Exclusive Beds Arriving Soon!!

Our stunning upholstery collection is about to welcome two brand new and exclusive bed designs.

These two beauties will be available in both King Size and Super King Size in our two most popular Velvet fabrics.  They are due to arrive in the showroom in the next few weeks.  We have only a limited number of beds arriving and some have already been reserved by customers!!  Contact us directly for further information or to reserve one.

(All beds shown here are Super King Size, headboard height 150cm)  

New and Exciting Ranges Arriving this Spring

Due to arrive this Spring

We are really excited about our newly designed modern sofa, that has a complimentary armchair to match, is due to arrive in the Spring. Available in 3 different sumptuous velvets and featuring a lightly buttoned back, plus studs that accentuate the clean modern lines.
This gorgeous and comfortable sofa is available to pre-order in store today.

Winter Sale Now On!

From now until the end of January 2018 (or until our limited stocks last), we are offering you a choice between a FREE £200 voucher and 5 year comprehensive warranty OR a FREE footstool – worth up to £495, with every purchase of our French and Chatsworth Sofas in the Soft Weave fabric. Just call in to one of our stores and take advantage of this limited time offer.

If you are looking for Dining chairs then we have a great deal for you too!

Buy 6 dining chairs and pay only for 5, OR buy 8 dining chairs and only pay for 6!

These offers apply to in stock items only and these offers are not available online, but we do have plenty in stock!

Christmas at Pavilion Interiors

At this time of year we see an increase in dining chair sales, due to everyone wanting that fresh new look for when the family visit, and with December fast approaching we have been freshly restocked with our own brand upholstered dining chairs.

We have also added a selection of Christmas accessories to our showrooms, stocks are limited so visit us soon to make sure you don’t miss out!

Our Exclusive Greywell Furniture Collection is on its way!

The Greywell collection combines a sophisticated blend of architecture and contemporary style using natural timber, mirrored glass and an industrial twist. Designed to be both sleek and practical each piece will reflect the room tones, playing with the light and shadows commanding attention without even trying.

Handcrafted from solid Mango wood, using traditional joints, steel and glass this wonderful collection is finished in a highly durable grey wash with complimentary iron handles.

Have a look at our Greywell information leaflet

The Collection is due to arrive in October, and we are very excited about it!

Our new website is now live

At Pavilion Interiors we have established a wonderful reputation over the last 20 years as an independent retailer specialising in exceptional quality furniture, gifts and accessories. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, knowledgeable team members and welcoming showrooms.

Take a look around our new site and let us know what you think – or pop into once of our showrooms in Fleet or Windlesham in person!