Our bedroom furniture is really special. Many items in our bedroom furniture range are exclusive to Pavilion, and the majority are British made. Set up in cosy bedrooms, our range of chic and practical furniture is sure to cater to every conceivable taste and style. Whether you’re looking for a new bed, a bedside table, a stunning headboard, or beautiful yet practical storage, our showrooms are the place to come.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s all about you and your style. In our showrooms you’ll find the perfect furniture to make your bedroom your favourite room in the house. We have a wide range of comfortable beds and stylish headboards, and some truly exceptional storage solutions. We’re particularly proud of our Hardwick range, designed and made in the UK, to our specifications, it’s among the most beautiful and practical bedroom furniture we’ve ever seen. The feedback we’ve received from our regular customers makes us confident that you’ll think so too.