We’re really proud of our accessories ranges. One of the best things about being an independent furniture retailer is we can be different.  We appreciate that not everyone wants to be the same and we really enjoy searching for beautiful mirrors, lighting and ornaments that allow you to express your individuality in your own home.

We understand completely that buying the all-important accessories for your home online can be a real challenge.  To help you make those critical decisions we have a vast selection of accessories here in the showroom.  We prefer to display them as you would at home rather than stacking them on shelves.  Mirrors for example have to be seen on the walls, over a piece of furniture with a pair of gorgeous lamps. Then you can fully appreciate how the clever use of mirrors and lighting can transform the look of a room, adding light and creating a feeling of space and warmth.

Feel free to visit us, tell us what you want to achieve in your home and let us help you find the perfect combination of accessories to make it happen.  Apart from the impressive array of mirrors and lighting ranges we have an interesting and often unique selection of prints, pictures and ornamental pieces. We know how important accessories are to really make your home feel finished and we know they need to express your personality.

We are confident you will find something in our showroom to get excited about, whatever your taste.  So come and visit us to see if we’re right!

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