Setting the mood – a guide to mood lighting

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday, it’s important to get everything just right. You’ve done your M&S dine in for two deal, got your steaks and bottle of red wine, now you need the right atmosphere.

Everyone knows that candles are a winner here. But there are so many more ways you can create a romantic atmosphere with your lighting, other than your flickering friends.

  1. Try not to have any main ceiling lights on. This downlight affect can be too bright to create a cosy ambience.
  2. Lamps are like candles; you can never have too many. While candles work beautifully on dining room tables, lamps are a great equivalent for bedrooms and living rooms.
  3. Make sure you use warm lightbulbs rather than cool ones. This will give a warm, yellow glow to your room rather than a white/blue cool one.
  4. Add mirrors to your room. Mirrors bounce light around the room beautifully, whether it’s natural light during the day or artificial light in the evenings.
  5. Get creative with your lighting. Anything from fairy lights to LEDs in your cabinets will add small areas of light around the room, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

Enjoy your evening on Friday whether you’ve got a big occasion booked or you’re sat at home watching Bridget Jones with a straw in a bottle of wine…we’re not judging either way.

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