Beat the Winter Blues with Hygge

The Danish have a wonderful word that describes a feeling, a state of mind, a positive attitude to life. It’s called hygge and it’s said to be the reason why the Danes are one of the happiest peoples in the world.

Imagine cosying up on a comfy sofa, leaning against a pile of huge cushions, surrounded with candles and warm, knitted blankets. You’ve got your nose stuck into your favourite novel, sipping hot tea and on the verge of falling asleep.

That is hygge, and its sense of caring for oneself is perfect to embrace in January, amidst all of the pressure to eat less, drink less and exercise a lot more.

Here at Pavilion Interiors, we’ve got a few tips to lift your winter evenings and give you that ultimate hygge feeling:

  • Surround yourself with candles. If you’re not keen on strong smells, unscented candles will still give a relaxing atmosphere, otherwise, opt for one of your favourite, perhaps evenHygge - the Danish way of living nostalgic, scents.
  • Add in some more soft lighting, such as a table lamp with a large shade. This will give an extra level of cosiness.
  • Choose your favourite woolly jumper, pair of slipper socks or chunky throw to snuggle up in. For dangerously high levels of cosiness, opt for all three.
  • Depending on your tastes, you could make yourself a tea or coffee. If it’s a Saturday night in, you might prefer a warming glass of red wine or a brandy.
  • Now would be a good time to go for that last loo break before you get yourself into that impossibly comfortable state of no return.

All that’s left is to grab your favourite book or put on the latest Netflix series, and pile yourself on enough cushions so that you feel like The Princess and the Pea. You can thank us later.

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