Inspiring Lighting Ideas

With the clocks now having gone back and the nights drawing closer the primary space for entertaining moves from the garden to inside the home. Winter is a time to feel warm and cosy, this can be reflected in the colour temperature of the lamps within your home.

Silver Pebble lamps and Tripod floor lamp on Greywell Sideboard

It’s a good idea to think about your home lighting and to ensure you have enough of the right kind of lamps and bulbs to give the cosy glow your home deserves.

By making considered lighting updates you can help to create the perfect ambience and set the mood for dinner parties, gatherings or just general everyday use.

We have put together a number of helpful tips to help you create the perfect ambience for your home.

  • Ideally an interior wants to have a range of lighting options in a room, which can be used differently depending on the time of day or year.
  • If you’re looking to create a relaxed and more intimate vibe that is perfect for dinner parties, avoid harsh overhead lighting.
  • Use reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. By placing lamps in front of mirrors or on top of a mirrored table, you can instantly double the amount of light in a room.
  • Choosing the right light bulbs can also be surprisingly transformative to the feel of a room
  • Soft white or warm white bulbs are best for bedrooms and living rooms providing a traditional warm, cozy feel to them.
  • Bright white or cool white bulbs best in kitchens, bathrooms giving rooms a whiter more energetic feel.

We have a vast range of Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Table lamps on display in our beautiful showrooms with many more designs available to order. So don’t delay come and visit us to get inspired.

Galaxy table lamp, Nickel Tube chain floor light and Modern mirror rings decoration

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