Buying the right dining chairs

Sprucing up your dining room can be easily done with new dining chairs. There was a time when many of us had rooms with matching chairs and matching dining table. But today’s aesthetic is less rigid and more relaxed.

So how can you create a dining room that is special, fresh and never boring? One great way is to focus on your chairs.

Manhattan chairs room shot - multicoloured

At Pavilion Interiors we believe the basic rule of thumb is that your chairs should fit in terms of style, material and colour, as well as dimensions. Beyond that, it’s down to what pleases your eye, whether that’s design classics, elegant shapes or an eclectic mix.

Pavilion Interiors Fanback dining chairs

Our spacious showrooms display our dining chair collections in beautifully dressed room settings, offering our customers a chance to see and try out a vast array of designs and colour choices. With exclusive Pavilion ranges and many more designs to order, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect chair for your dining experience.

Don’t delay and visit us and make sure your dining room chairs never take a back seat!

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